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AST is the industry leader in this fastest growing of the security markets. Our knowledge of advanced technology and extensive applications experience make us uniquely qualified to design, install, maintain and monitor your CCTV system. We use the latest and most reliable digital equipment from Honeywell, GE, Dedicated Micros, Sony, among many others.

As integrators, we can tie your CCTV systems together in a comprehensive solution to meet your security and productivity enhancing needs.


CCTV Products

Our video surveillance products deliver the latest technology and let you create custom solutions to best monitor and secure your business.


Video i-View

AST is proud to offer the new and exciting service for Remote Video Monitoring from Central Station Professionals through Video AST or “V-AST”. This service allows us to take your video to the next level, creating more value, better return, and enhanced functionality. Someone ACTS on your video signal in real time for your safety and security. Learn More...


Surveillance Camera

Video surveillance is all about the details. Our high-resolution cameras lets you capture the best possible video regardless of lighting so that your business is protected even if a break-in occurs.


Ball Camera

Fixed indoor ball camera integrates a camera and lens into a single piece, tamper proof, compact unit designed to be surface mounted for fast and easy installation.


Digital Video Recorder

A digital video DVR helps ensure that you can store the most video in the least amount of space. Access high-quality video and sound that can be captured from all of your cameras at the same time.


Video Controllers

Interactive and user-friendly controllers allow you to manage and manipulate your video system according to your needs.


Video Analytics

AST offers years of experience in applying Video Analytics to allow your video system to be a more active and “intelligent” part of your solution. Through the latest technology and software, we work together with you to apply video motion, behavior analysis, image capture, facial recognition, and other advanced logic functions to secure your facility.


Video Monitor

Enable security managers throughout your business to monitor your business.

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