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COA-button2Still the core of any security solution, the intrusion system must be based on a clear understanding of your location and the people in it, and be designed to offer the best in life safety and security while being a simple part of the daily process for the users. We at AST provide the latest in technology, coupled with our design process, to design the optimal solution for you at the right price.

We customize your solution, using a variety of technologies, including motion detection, glass break detection, wired and wireless devices, various panel and keypad options, all of which are installed by certified technicians and supported for the future.

ast-package-buttonAST is an authorized Honeywell dealer and certified in commercial and residential systems. We also use Bosch and GE, among other vendors, to provide you with the right solution. A well-designed intrusion system is also the foundation for integrating any additional solutions, to add even more value to you, the customer.

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Tuxedo Touch


Intrusion Products

Our intrusion products deliver the latest technology and let you create custom solutions to best monitor and secure your business.


The Intrusion System

AST customizes our solution to your needs, using the latest in wired and wireless options to give you the best value in Life Safety and Security.


Remote Access Services

AST offers a complete array of remote services for your system from your smart devices, including turning the system on or off, receiving alarm and status texts or emails, reviewing history, looking into cameras, lighting control, and much more. 




AST uses a wide variety of sensors in your protection, including motion detectors, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Entry Contacts Glass Break Detectors, and more.


Communication Options

In Addition to standard phone lines, AST offers alternative communication options that are very reliable and cost effective, including cellular radio, WiFi, and Internet.


Interactive Access Keypads

AST offers the latest in Touch-Screen Technology to allow you to get the best value out of the most-user friendly keypads in the industry. They allow control and viewing of alarm status, video cameras, lighting and thermostats - even weather and current events!


Central Station Monitoring

The most important piece of the system that brings it all “home” is AST’s 24 Hour state-of-the-art UL Central Station, where we receive and dispatch on your system. Someone is always there!

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