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AST enjoys the benefit of an aggregate of hundreds of years of experience in all facets of Life Safety and Security. What is CCTV? We can help you. Need the best home residential security system for your residence, a commercial security system for your business? Wireless surveillance cameras, intrusion alert systems, on-site or remote video monitoring, access control, fire alarm systems, keypads, wireless motion detectors…We provide Integrated Solutions and complete services to customers from your local Neighborhood residence to some of the most complex systems and solutions in commercial, industrial, education, and government applications. On site and remote services support State-of-the Art Solutions throughout the west. At AST, it begins and ends with YOU. Put simply, “AST is your Local Company with the Global Reach”.

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AST is reputed among the top security Total Solutions providers in the us, having been recognized in many areas, including Honeywell Partner of choice and Medal of Honor winner, Sales Leadership awards, and continues to help shape the landscape of their industry. AST enjoys highly experienced and recognized leadership in the industry. CEO Bob Ricucci, having managed the tenth largest company in the industry, has sat on many advisory boards, published several articles and critical analysis, and spoken to industry and und users around the country. He and his team are focused on the daily task of bringing the absolute best in value and performance in the Life Safety, Security and Asset Protection industry to their lifetime clientele.

The Foundation

AST builds systems, customized to your needs, using quality equipment, experienced technicians, complete services, and the latest in remote customer access tools.

AST is an integrator focused on using all our tools and experience to design the right solution for you. It starts with a Valuable and Quality Foundation:

  • CCTV – We expertly design systems in this rapidly growing market to provide analog and digital solutions for security, site management and tracking.
  • Access Control – We design the best solutions for functionality, management, and user-friendly application with an eye toward Return on Investment.
  • Fire Alarms – Vast experience in designing and installing code-approved Fire Alarm Systems for all application. Our experience takes away the risk and headache of meeting fire codes.
  • Intrusion Systems – Full product line for standard and hard-wired solutions for any facility imaginable.
  • Services: Monitoring, Maintenance, Service, Fire Inspections, Remote Management, and much more.


What’s New

AST is also an Innovator for our clientele, staying on the LEADING EDGE OF TECHNOLOGY. Below are some examples of our new solutions providing better, stronger, more user-friendly, valuable solutions provided my new and exciting technologies:

VASTLogo-approvedI-View – This Service represents the new and best available solution for remotely monitoring video systems and achieving the very most from your video solutions.

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cloud video storage advanced security technologiesCloud Video Storage and Management – With emerging technologies, some clients are choosing to save money by remotely storing their video recording and utilizing the best in new software to review and manage that video content.





ipad advanced security technologies

Total Connect – This remote access service allows the customer to remotely manage their alarms, turn them on and off, view cameras, and receive notifications on smart devices. This is the new standard in services and AST is at the forefront.

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CCTV advanced security technologiesIP CCTV – The IP and Digital Video world is finally ready to bring new options and value to the video market, and AST is ready to offer the best in Video IP.





ProWatch-web remotely managed access advanced security technologiesRemotely Managed Access – With new technology and flexibility, not only can you manage your systems locally or on your network, but you can also save the hassle and have AST do it for you!

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fire alarm monitoring advanced security technologies


Cellular Fire Alarm Monitoring – Do you cringe when you pay your phone bill for the dedicated POTS lines you have for your fire alarm? Well, this cellular solution may be just the thing to save you money. Let us tell you how!




advanced security technologies HVACNew integration for further value add for Lighting, Energy, and HVAC devices, bringing the whole package together.

AST combines all these services and solutions, with the latest technologies, to provide our clients with the solutions they need, with an eye toward Return on Investment. Value for you is what matters to us.


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