ast-servicesYou name it, we DO IT.

When it comes to the services, we provide you, our client the very best in service and support so that you can get the most value from you solutions. We customize your service package with a keen eye on best value for you in on site and remote services, and to earn the right to call you a lifetime customer.

We at Advanced Security Technologies know that our greatest responsibility to our customers is to provide the finest quality in on-going services. We must be diligent and consistent, comprehensive in our coverage, active in our communication, and relentless in our commitment to you. And AST provides you just that, quality and comprehensive services and field support. Our services include:

Monitoring – AST offers the best in UL Central Station Monitoring

Maintenance, Field Service – AST can provide you with a maintenance contract to cover all equipment and labor to maximize your systems’ up-time, with 24 X 7 coverage

Reporting – All forms of system reporting to allow you to get the most from your systems

Access Control Data Base Management – Avoid using your administrative productivity to manage your access system and cards distribution by having AST do it for you

Fire Testing and certifications – AST offers full testing and certification for your Fire Life Safety systems, as is often required by law

Cellular Signal Back-up – Through cellular technology, AST can provide your systems with a secondary communication path should your phone lines be down or cut

Remote Video Monitoring – AST provides the greatest expertise and highest quality in remotely monitored video to allow us to view your site remotely in case of alarm, verify signals, and dispatch accordingly


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