AST has invested in a strong technical and customer service infrastructure to answer any concerns and meet your back-office support needs as they arise. We feature a flexible approach to providing you the reporting and billing support you need and emphasize the ease and timeliness of electronic communications. Our associates stand ready to help you in any way possible to provide you the quality experience that all AST customers deserve. We can provide you:

Open/Close Reporting – This service provides you a report on the times you system was turned on or off and by whom.

Alarm Supervision – With this service, you simply create “windows” in which you expect the system to be activated or disarmed. If that event doesn’t occur, we call you. That way, you can be sure that you are covered when you need it and open when your customers need it.

Billing Support – We are available to discuss any questions or clarifications regarding any bill during business hours. Furthermore, we are often able to create summary billings and other variations based on your needs as a key customer of AST.

24-Hour Availability – Unlike many providers, AST provides a live body to discuss any concerns, questions, or service needs that you may have any time, day or night. This person can also call out emergency after-hours service should you need it.

Various Pricing Options – AST can provide you with a direct sale option or a rental option for you product solutions.

Simply contact us and we can discuss your needs and provide you with pricing.


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