Total Connect Remote Services


total-connect“Total Connect” through AST offer you the best in remote services for your home or small business. The service keeps you connected even when you are away. Through your mobile smart devices, you can see the status of your alarm, turn it on if your family or employee forgot, turn it off for a visitor, and receive status texts or emails when it is armed or disarmed or in the event of an alarm.


But there is so much more. You can connect and remotely view cameras to your system so you can look into your home or business at any time, and even receive recorded video clip via email of set alarm or entry events that we can program in for you. With component devices, you can also turn lights on and off, lock or unlock deadbolt locks, and even control the temperature via remote access to your thermostat.


Imagine the value and convenience of doing all that from a smart mobile device. You can control costs, verify security and productivity, and provide the best environment possible for your family or business. TotalConnect is the last piece in the AST Total Solution that we provide you, maximizing value as we handle your Life Safety, Security, and Asset Protections needs!

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